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Running Life: A Fitness Protection Production

Coach MK (Fleming) is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC. She is a run coach not life coach, but we're never really talking about the running! She isn't afraid to call out, and push back against, Diet Culture and its impact on her runners. She is committed to ensuring that no runner discounts their own badassery while combatting fatphobia and sizeism in the fitness industry.

This podcast is geared towards every runner who won’t lose their home or health insurance if they show up to the corral with a hangover (though we do not advise it!). Whether you are a marathoner or a hobbyjogger, you will find something to enjoy when the coaches start talking as we run through this marathon of life, together.

Feb 27, 2020

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Coach MK likes to say that "if you goal cannot exist without numbers, then it's bullsh*t". She really hates the SMART framework and tells us exactly why before we sit down with a mental strength specialist, Dr. Justin Ross, to learn how to make sure our goals lead to work that works for us rather than crushes us.

If you're interested in mental strength, check out Dr. Ross's new course on Insight Timer!

Dr Justin Ross is a clinical psychologist in Denver, CO specializing in mindfulness, health psychology and sports performance psychology. He loves helping people live in alignment with values and breaking through perceived limits. He is passionate about peak performance, endurance sports, and helping athletes of all ability levels realize their goals.


MK Fleming is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC and Sarah Axelrod leads Fitness Protection's #CoachedandLoved Community. Try our accessible, affordable monthly running plans at!