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Running Life: A Fitness Protection Production

Coach MK (Fleming) is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC. She is a run coach not life coach, but we're never really talking about the running! She isn't afraid to call out, and push back against, Diet Culture and its impact on her runners. She is committed to ensuring that no runner discounts their own badassery while combatting fatphobia and sizeism in the fitness industry.

This podcast is geared towards every runner who won’t lose their home or health insurance if they show up to the corral with a hangover (though we do not advise it!). Whether you are a marathoner or a hobbyjogger, you will find something to enjoy when the coaches start talking as we run through this marathon of life, together.

Dec 28, 2020

Coach MK livestreams the #WeeklyWins and answers the questions of Fitness Protection members each week. They are a lot of fun, super informative!

This week, Coach MK talks about Romjul and more details about Slow Buring starting in January.


#WeeklyWins - 13:18

Runner Interrupted


  • Brenda Haskill has had some huge Personal accomplishments for 2020 she :
    • 🌟Worked with a therapist for 1st time
    • 🌟started Prozac
    • 🌟shed 25 lbs of excess baggage
    • 🌟most important: made my health a priority; especially my mental health 💪
  • Alicia Budd said “As tough as this year has been in a lot of ways, it’s been a good one for personal growth. I took charge of my physical and mental health and finally learned (out of necessity) how to take one day at a time.”
  • Christine Lancaster prioritized movement this year even when she had many factors working against her.


  • Daniel Faltyn won his 10k race
  • Corina Terry had some great holiday runs.  She has been happy with her progress this year in Maintain.  She is stronger and happier now than when she started and is amazed by all the things she is capable of doing.


Questions- 16:04


  • Hi coach, I’m really excited to start Slow Burn.  When will the website portal be open to start checking out the content?


  • Hi Coach and Merry Christmas! I’d like to tackle strength more seriously before Slow Burn starts. Would it be possible to have written instructions for the strength exercises when we have a new set in January? I understand why posting the strength videos doesn’t work now but could use some explanation of the moves. Thanks for all of your work!
  • Hi Coach, in-person races are starting to come back where I am but I’m nervous.  Any thoughts on if it’s possible to participate safely?  I really want to but my gut tells me no.


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