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Running Life: A Fitness Protection Production

Coach MK (Fleming) is the founder of Fitness Protection, LLC. She is a run coach not life coach, but we're never really talking about the running! She isn't afraid to call out, and push back against, Diet Culture and its impact on her runners. She is committed to ensuring that no runner discounts their own badassery while combatting fatphobia and sizeism in the fitness industry.

This podcast is geared towards every runner who won’t lose their home or health insurance if they show up to the corral with a hangover (though we do not advise it!). Whether you are a marathoner or a hobbyjogger, you will find something to enjoy when the coaches start talking as we run through this marathon of life, together.

Dec 18, 2019

Coach MK and Coach Sarah host question and answer livestreams each week on the Fitness Protection Program Facebook PageThe Fitness Protection Program YouTube Channel, and Twitch, simultaneously. 

This week, Coach Sarah answers questions about running with high blood pressure, the importance of the hip hinge, and the debut of Fitness Protection's Slow Burn program in 2020!

Hi, this is Coach Sarah! Before we begin, you’ll note that several of the questions tonight are about Fitness Protection’s Slow Burn strength program for runners, which begins on January 6th, 2020. By the time this episode drops in our podcast feed, the January session of Slow Burn will be closed for registration. But don’t worry, we will be offering it again in February and at least twice more later in the year, and we will be opening registration for those sessions in early 2020. Final note, we are still offering coupons for Slow Burn through our Holiday Strength challenge program - they can be applied to any 2020 session of Slow Burn and they will be the ONLY coupons we offer on this terrific program. All you have to do is donate between $20 and $45 to Play University, which serves kids in the Milwaukee area facing transportation scarcity, or The Blue Bench, which provides support to sexual assault survivors in the Denver area. You can also split your donations between the two charities. Email your receipts to and we’ll follow up with your coupon code. We hope to have you join us to get strong AF in Slow Burn next year!

On that note, congratulations to the WINNERS of the Quadzilla challenge! Every single one of you gets a prize from us, so watch your e-mail for details!

Runner, Interrupted

  • Another quiet week for our #RunnersInterrupted (we GET it) but we want to send a LOT of love to Mary Lenczewski, who is undergoing major abdominal surgery this week and deserves ALL the love and support!

ReBuild (8:00)

  • So my blood pressure has suddenly gotten into the high end of the hypertensive range (when it was normal at a doc visit in October). What do I need to know about running with high blood pressure? I thought I had more time before family history kicked in, and I’m still hoping it’s something acute and fixable. So far they’ve cleared me for normal work and activity as well as a low dose BP med.
  • Hi coaches, the hip hinge blog post was super helpful thank you ( Is there a video you can point me to so I can see it?

(YES, Coach MK demonstrated it for ReBuild back in June!

Maintain (12:30)

Shoutout to Sara Seeburg and Becky Horn, who ran the Scottsdale Half Marathon and both had amazing races!

  • I have big plans for 3DATF in May. I am signed up for the 48hr event, hoping to do more than 100 miles. I signed up for Slow Burn early for the discount but had planned to wait (I did Beta in Sept/Oct). I heard MK recommend that we do Slow Burn in January if we are planning big things for 3DATF. Should I go ahead and mentally prepare myself for Slow Burn in January? Thanks!!!
  • What equipment/gear will be mandatory for Slow Burn vs nice to have?
  • Another Slow Burn question: what should we plan to do Jan 1-5? Follow the Maintain January plan until Slow Burn starts?